PHOTOGRAPHERS OF EAST ASIA is a curated look at some of the finest photos from China, Japan, and Korea.  Asia has a long and extremely strong tradition of photography.  Surprisingly, though, few Westerners are familiar with the photography in Asia.  Yes, there are lots of teenagers, moms, and dads snapping shots with their cameras and ubiquitous mobile devices.  But, there are a surprising number of very serious amateur and master level photographers, and this project seeks to elevate their work.

PHOTOGRAPHERS OF EAST ASIA also takes a look at the Asian culture of photography and writing - linked as essentially as Chinese characters are to their visual image and meaning.  Through the intimate writings of the photographer there is a glimpse into the human struggles and the joys of the people of Asia.  Photographers write on aesthetics, philosophy, and rules that are specific to their own culture.  In many cases,  they write just about their unique walk through life.

Pick of the MONTH

Every month I showcase one Padawan photographer and his/her photography.  

jedi Photographers

The Jedi photographers are generally recognized in their own countries, and sometimes internationally, through exhibitions and publications.  These photographers lead the way in photography with their consistent efforts and unique photos.  Their ideas and work may reflect movements in art in photography, as well as express themes and styles that reflect dramatic changes developing within their country. 

Padawan Photographers

The Padawan photographers are very serious photographers who make art level photography. Sometimes labeled as "amateurs," Padawan photographers document the people, the land, and the values of East Asia.  Their photos reflect the rich history and aesthetics of their culture. Showing their work through social media sites, they are generally unknown to the broader public.